Welcome to Moonliteshadow.net. This is just a little personal website of a passionate fan of things. There isn't a whole lot left here as little fan websites just aren't as big anymore in the age of social media. But please, enjoy what is here!

Update: 6/8/17 Changed the layout! Removed sites that I have shut down entirely, and added some new ones.

>> Tieria's Emporium <<

A website offering free graphics, photographs, layouts, resources and other goodies for the online horse breeding/training simulator, Equus Nation.

>> Amethyst Roses <<

A Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) fanfiction archive that focuses exclusively on Muraki x Tsuzuki pairings. The site is no longer updated and will remain here in archival mode.

>> Funny Race Horse Names(Original) <<
>> Funny Race Horse Names (Backup - Coming Soon!) <<

A popular blog that I run that features horses with funny, stupid and downright face-palm worthy names! I will be hosting a backup of all the featured posts on the blog here on Moonliteshadow as Tumblr's future is not guaranteed.

>> My Own Personal Tumblr Blog <<

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